Driftctl v0.12.0 now available!

Now supporting any Terraform AWS provider version, new HTML reports and more

Here’s your monthly update about driftctl, with highlights from the latest releases, project life and community.

Tl;dr : 

  • Driftctl now supports any Terraform AWS provider version.
  • New HTML reports.
  • How many IaC tools you are using on a single infrastructure? Key learnings from our poll.
  • Community: how you can take part to the life of the project.

How to use driftctl with different Terraform providers?

This was a big demand in the community: many users have automated infrastructures using different Terraform AWS providers versions.
Driftctl now supports any Terraform AWS provider version with a simple
 drifctl scan --tf-provider-version or the DTCL_TF_PROVIDER_VERSION environment variable. Here’s how it works.

HTML reports.

Using large shared AWS accounts, or accounts not fully automated, or when getting started with migrating to Infrastructure-as-Code, driftctl users often discover hundreds of resources to match or import. In those cases, ASCII reports might be difficult to read which is why we created a new HTML report that makes it easier to spot and sort relevant information. Discover this new feature in this blog post

driftctl html output

How many IaC tools are you using on the same infrastructure?

Building driftctl, we often came across use cases where users would have multiple IaC tools on the same infrastructure (mainly CloudFormation + Terraform as we only support AWS at this stage). This community feedback led us to a question: is this a common setup that has to be supported in our open source solution? Here is what we learned while digging into this.

Community: take part to the life of the project.

We are all about community. drifctl is open source and we are grateful for all interactions that help us shape a better tool. There are many ways you can contribute to the life of the project. Writing code is one of them, but not the only one. Make sure to visit our community page and see how you can take part to the life of the project. 

Need a quick start guide?

We published a series of short demo videos that will show you around in no time! Go ahead and check them out. 

Looking forward to further contacts!
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