Driftctl v0.2.3 now available on GitHub!

Enhanced Route53 support, fine grained control of ignored resources, Homebrew formula and more...

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Here is an update on some of the key elements we added to our open source IaC coverage analysis and infrastructure drift detection tool. 

Enhanced Route53 support

driftctl now relies on the FQDN to read a resource with the terraform provider and compare two route53 records. This fixes some issues in edge cases where we couldn’t find two corresponding records if they were not located in the same zone (as the zone is sometimes included in the record’s name, which hindered their recognition).

Fine grained control of ignored resources

driftctl now has the ability to ignore a single field on a given resource. Add the possibility to ignore specific field in .driftignore and create a .driftignore file as follows :

Homebrew formula

We’re thrilled to announce our homebrew formula for all macOS users

brew install driftctl

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Sentry error reporting

Getting deeper insights into errors is key to better quality, which is why we added optional on-demand Sentry error reporting support.

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