Driftctl v0.3.1 now available on GitHub!

Multi state support, other features and news from the community

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Here is an update on some of the key elements we added to our open source IaC coverage analysis and infrastructure drift detection tool. 

Multi state support

If you organized your resources and environments within several separate Terraform State files, we’ve got you covered. driftctl can now compare a combination of multiple Terraform states to the cloud provider APIs, so the output is more complete.

Alerts during execution

We added a new feature enabling to send alerts and display useful informations to users. 

Example : If you had computed attributes of a resource that drifted but weren’t refreshed inside the Terraform state files, driftctl now informs you that you may want to refresh your states since it could be a false positive drift.

alert during execution

driftctl auto completion

Handy feature : driftctl now has a completion command for bash, zsh, fish and powershell.

First community project

Created by @wbeuil, dctlenv is a version manager for driftctl that allows you to easily upgrade and chose among all available versions of driftctl

First contribution from the community 🎉

We had a lot of “firsts” in the last days, and we were thrilled by this first contribution from the community (more precisely from Japan).

Looking forward to further contacts!
Feel free to reach out on github or join our discord. 

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