Driftctl v0.7.1 now available!

Concise drift output, HTTP backend support, additional features and news from the community

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Here’s your monthly update about driftctl, with highlights from the latest releases, project life and community.

Tl;dr : 

  • Default concise output
  • HTTP backend support
  • Several UX enhancements (thank you Anton Babenko 🙂) and bug fixes
  • Helping you get started with 1:1 tech overviews
  • News about project life and community

A community release

As you will see, the latest releases may not be teeming with new fancy features, but they are very much inspired by feedback from the community that paved the way for user experience improvements and also some bug fixes. Thank you all so much for your contribution! 🙌

Default concise output

So far, the default output when running driftctl was fully comprehensive and included what was automatically added by AWS when provisioning your resources.
We received feedback, especially from @christophetd who opened a GitHub issue to report that this comprehensive report might be confusing, so we changed it. driftctl now provides a more concise output without all those elements created by AWS.
The fully comprehensive output is still available in strict mode if you run driftctl scan --strict

HTTP backend support

driftctl now supports HTTP backends, which means that if you need to fetch Terraform state files from an external endpoint such as a public Git repository, you now have a way to access it from an HTTP(s) URL. 

UX improvements

Some of you may have attended it: we had the great pleasure to be invited by Anton Babenko in his Weekly Dose of Terraform. A very rich experience that provided us with constructive feedback on the tool, including the need for a more concise output option that was also formerly raised on GitHub (see above).

Here are some of the other improvements that came out of it:

Ordered diffs in the output: so far, resources were fetched in parallel which would cause the resource list order to be unpredictable. With the latest changes, the resources are now always sorted by their Terraform ID and type.

Clearer error reporting message: users that face an issue can help us collect some useful information through Sentry to fix bugs. The default message displayed was unclear as to “what” data was sent “where”, so we rewrote it. (see exactly what we collect in our documentation here).

Minor consistency display bug fix on the number of scanned resources displayed after each run. 

Bug fixes

Along with some user experience improvements needed on the tool, two major bugs were reported by the community and fixed by the team: 

Freeze under certain circumstances: thanks to @vainkop and @gotrevor for reporting this bug on discord and for providing our support team with the information needed to fix it (additionally, we also implemented a spinner that is now shown while scanning is still “in progress”).

Occasional crashes triggered for S3 backend users: again, thanks to @mwarkentin who exposed this bug and provided us with the details needed to fix it. 🙌 

So if you experienced any of these issues while running a >0.7.0 version, make sure to give driftctl another try.

Helping you get started with 1:1 tech reviews

We opened 30 min slots for 1:1 tech discussions and overviews twice a day to help you get started and collect user feedback.
Feel free to book a slot.

Community & other news

We had the fantastic opportunity to be featured in an OWASP DevSlop talk by @christophetd about shifting cloud security to the left. After this talk we had an amazing time talking with the OWASP DevSlop community leads about DevSecOps issues related to infrastructure drift. 

Hello Circle CI 🙂 Nice surprise for the whole team when @Zan from CircleCI dropped in on our community discord to say Hi! 

Lots of talks and interviews: the last weeks were totally packed with events, talks and podcasts where we were invited to talk about infrastructure drift. 


AWS Community Days


AWS Podcast

Next up:  The Lyon CNCF Meetup

Did you know that we are doing live release demos on twitch and youtube twice a month? Our engineering team also frequently opens up live coding sessions on twitch. Just follow us on twitter to get the notifications when we go live.

Need a quick start guide?

We published a series of short demo videos that will show you around in no time! Go ahead and check them out. 

Looking forward to further contacts!
Feel free to reach out on GitHub or join our discord and in the meantime…

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