Driftctl v0.9.0 now available!

Terraform Cloud support, tracking drifts from a clean state, additional features and news from the community

Here’s your monthly update about driftctl, with highlights from the latest releases, project life and community.

Tl;dr : 

  • Terraform Cloud support
  • Start tracking drift even if you did not Terraform everything
  • Recursive pattern-based Terraform state files detection & aggregation
  • News about project life and community

Terraform Cloud Support

driftctl now supports Hashicorp Terraform Cloud. You can now feed driftctl with Terraform state files located on Terraform Cloud using the following command --from tfstate+tfcloud://WORKSPACE_ID

Congratulations to @ayshiff for this amazing community contribution! Check out PR #458 or find more open issues if you want to contribute too!

Start tracking drift even if you did not Terraform everything

Many of us have not reached a 100% IaC coverage of our AWS accounts.
So far, a first run of the tool gave us a clear overview of drifted and unmanaged resources, but then driftctl repeatedly delivered those drift notifications in the following runs, which produced a lot of noise in the output.

driftctl now allows you to start tracking drifts from a clean baseline whatever your IaC coverage, by automatically generating a .driftignore file. Here’s how it works

Recursive pattern-based Terraform state files detection & aggregation

Many users reported advanced setups where Terraform states were stored using complex folder hierarchies. We added glob patterns support to use more complex filtering expressions and easily filter the expected tfstate files in those locations.

Recursive pattern-based Terraform state files detection & aggregation

Good news: this feature makes it even easier now to use driftctl on more complex Terragrunt setups. If you wish to use driftctl with a Terragrunt project, see this related GitHub discussion providing some guidance.

What's coming next?

The wait is almost over: driftctl is about to support any version of the AWS Terraform provider! This required a lot of work under the hood and we are glad to release it soon, as this was a big demand among users.

Your feedback counts! Make sure to open an issue, take part to a discussion or upvote a feature on the roadmap on GitHub to help us prioritize the next steps.

Community & other news

Huge kudos 🙌 @mastertinner ! We were super proud to see perform a flawless demo of driftctl in a webinar about Infrastructure as Code lately. 

And a very special shout out to @mwarkentin who is extremely active and helpful on our community discord server with tons of great ideas like automatically creating a GitHub discussion along with each release. A great way to exchange some feedback on the latest evolutions of the tool.

We are sincerely grateful for all your contributions. Any chat, any question, any bug report helps us shape a better tool. And of course there’s always some “good 1st issues” awaiting you on GitHub 😉

Join us at HashiConf EU

We are thrilled to announce that we will hold a lightning talk at HashiConf EU on how to bring back your cloud resources under Terraform control using driftctl. So if you are in the process of moving to Terraform, and need to check on your progress, we’ll be glad to have you in our audience. 

Need a quick start guide?

We published a series of short demo videos that will show you around in no time! Go ahead and check them out. 

Looking forward to further contacts!
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