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HashiConf EU

Bring your cloud resources back under Terraform control 

Infrastructure as Code offers excellent visibility over events and resources. But then as infras grow more complex and different people interact with them, it becomes harder to maintain your codebase and track drift.

In this talk, we will show how to check your cloud environment for resources that are not yet managed by Terraform and thus get a list of what you need to bring back under control, using driftctl: a free and open-source CLI that catches drift outside of your infrastructure code.


Shifting Cloud Security Left: Scanning Infrastructure as Code for Security Issues

In the Cloud, misconfigurations will get you hacked well before zero-days do. According to a report released in 2020, the NSA asserts that misconfiguration of cloud resources is the most prevalent vulnerability in cloud environments. In this talk, we review the landscape of tools that allow us to perform security analysis of Terraform code in order to identify cloud security issues and misconfigurations even before they pose an actual security risk.

AWS Community Days France

Le drift d’infrastructure : t’empêche tout ​le monde de dormir.

Avec l’adoption croissante d’outils d’Infrastructure as Code comme CloudFormation ou Terraform par des équipes aux niveaux variés, générant des codebases de plus en plus importantes, il devient réellement complexe de suivre les événements de drift.

Tour de tools

Testing driftctl

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Gauthier & Bart test driving tools in the data domain while brain storming about their merits. Join us to discover driftctl with Stephane Jourdan, co-founder and CTO of driftctl.

AWS Podcast

French speaking podcast – interview and presentation of the tool

Your weekly dose of Terraform

With Anton Babenko

Terraform tools review – driftctl – Track infrastructure drift (Ep 28)


French speaking podcast – interview and presentation of the tool


The State of Infrastructure Drift: What We Learned From 100+ DevOps Teams

Even as an experienced Terraform user, as your infrastructure team and codebase grows, it often becomes harder to track infrastructure drift.
Are we always so sure how well our Terraform codebase matches our actual tfstate?

Fosdem 2021

Infrastructure drifts aren’t like Pokemon. You can’t catch ”em all.

Juicy stories from the trenches, common pitfalls of popular commands we use when we want to know what’s changed in our infrastructures; and short demo of driftctl.

Cloud Native London Feb 2021

Why you should take care of infrastructure drift

In this talk we’ll show how minor infrastructure drift can cause issues and perform a demo of how driftctl tracks IaC coverage and warns of infrastructure drift.

Paris SRE Meetup Jan 2021

Live product demo (French speaking)

Live demo (in French) based on Terraform and AWS of driftctl, a free and open-source CLI that tracks, analyzes, prioritizes, and warns of infrastructure drift.

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